Society of One

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The Society of One
Volume 2 of The Society Saga.
Release Date: September 18, 2017

Since previous events, Jonas has now moved to the US to recover from his ordeal under the care of Aaron Parker. The sisters Melissa Young and Sophia Riva are traveling together in order to bond and recover from their own experiences. ANI and the EDAI program continue on as before, spreading knowledge, good will and a spirit of cooperation to every nation on Earth. The Sleeping Death plague that killed millions has abated, and humanity is able to  look to the future with hope. For the first time in recorded history, peace has fallen across the globe. The Earth isn’t yet a utopia, but it’s getting there, one step at a time.

But some, a rare few, know the truth. While the improvement of the human condition is very real, the reason behind it has nothing to do with altruism or community. Shadowy organizations beneath and beyond human knowledge are fighting for the Earth and all life upon it. Forces of colossal power are manipulating the situation for their own purposes, making plans humans have no choice but to follow. Can ANI and the small group of humans do anything to resist such might? Can the humans even trust ANI, who seems to working to her own plan? Even if humanity survives the rising conflict, will they still be fully human?

Society's Demon - website

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The Society’s Demon
Volume 1 of The Society Saga

When the brilliant Dr. Piero Riva created ANI, the world’s first conscious Artificial Neural Intelligence, he gave her the ability to feel emotions and thus have a greater empathy with humans. Her educational programs are made available to all, regardless of status, and she soon begins to change the lives of many thousands of people across the globe. But there are some who don’t trust ANI, and they became even more suspicious when the Sleeping Death kills millions almost overnight. When Aaron Parker is sent to investigate, he finds himself in the middle of a war raging unseen by human eyes.